Color Switch Hack for High Score & No Ads Unlock

Do you want to unlock no ads & high score in Color Switch for free? Download our free Color Switch hack tool now, straight from our site. This tool will easily and quickly allow you to unlock high score & no ads.

The Color Switch hack tool is super simple to use. See the image below? This is what it looks like. Just download it and click the button that says “start.” Enter the score you want. Jailbreaking or APK rooting is not required for the Color Switch  hack to work.


Download our Color Switch hack from our website. It’ll take 30 seconds for the download to finish, depending on your Internet connection. Then, you’ll need to install the hack. This is an extra 30 seconds. Make sure you select iOS or Android before starting the hack. The no ads will be set to unlock automatically, but you have to type in the score you want.. There are no surveys that need to be filled out to use the Color Switch hack tool. It’s all completely free!

Color Switch Hack for High Score

Click the big “start” button to begin the hack. After the hack has finished, which should only take about 30 seconds, open the app on your device like normal. Your high score will be loaded & the ads will be gone!

About Color Switch

Color Switch is one of those games that are meant to be played to push your limits and test your skills. It’s a game that is frustrating at first, but once you get better at it, it becomes an enjoyable challenge. The simplistic artstyle and gameplay both accomodate this design decision, which might be a recipe for an addicting game.

But what exactly is this game? It’s quite simple, actually: You control a ball, which can be moved upwards by tapping on the screen repeatedly. One tap will give it a small boost, then it will fall back down, but tapping again and again will keep the ball moving for as long as you continue doing so. The trick comes in the fact that there are obstacles ahead, and you have to pass through them unharmed.


Each obstacle is made up of one or multiple types of shapes, such as a circle, square, triangle, a bunch of lines, a cross or dots. Parts of each of these shapes are also colored in one of four colors: red, yellow, purple and light blue. Your ball also has a single color, but it doesn’t stay the same for long, as you must move it through color switches after passing each shape obstacle. These color switches then change the ball’s color to another random one of the four possible ones, which will allow it to pass through the same colored parts of obstacles.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR

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