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Blood Pressure Monitor & Info

Blood Pressure Monitor & Info Game Introduction :

Blood Pressure Monitor & Info

Blood Pressure app easy track your blood pressure & know reliable BP information

Blood Pressure Monitor is your reliable, safe, and fast assistant to helps you to log and keep track of your blood pressure readings. Start monitoring your blood pressure today and share your recordings with your doctor.

Blood pressure app tracker is an indispensable app which will allow you to log high blood pressure measurements (or low), pulse or heart rate and finally take hypertension or hypotension under control. With this easy-to-use BP Tool, you can find whether your blood pressure is in the healthy zone.

The Blood Pressure App is your reliable, safe, and fast assistant to help you to find BP info, track your BP trends and provide good lifestyle tips to benefit your health. With the help of the cardio journal, you can easily take care of your heart health. All data in the diary can be quickly and easily analyzed on different charts, showing the trends, the changes, the average values for the day, week, 2 week and month periods and etc.

We promise that you will find it fast and easy to pay close attention to your blood pressure and to detect small changes brought by your lifestyle improvements.

Main function of Blood Pressure App: Monitor & Tracker:

? Blood Pressure Tracker

✓ BP Tools with one touch tonometer readings adding – monitor and log blood pressure: systolic, diastolic, pulse and weight, add comments and notes for each measurement.

✓ BP Monitor Track your daily well-being – make the dependence between the low or the high track blood pressure and your mood (condition).

? Blood Pressure Information

✓ Blood Pressure App can help you know Blood Pressure information about your BP value ranges, tendency and other knowledge you may call for.

✓ BP Tracker with a smart system of tags that allows Blood Pressure Tracker to be helpful. With this system you can find out the trends of pressure changes and understand what it is related to.

? Blood Pressure Analysis

✓ Blood Pressure Monitor & Information app can be used to analyze your blood pressure values. Input your blood pressure values and press on the analyze-button. Then the app will mark your blood pressure values with different colors.

✓ BP Monitor view all data in the journal on 11 different charts. You can configure the charts for your needs. See everyday values, or view average values for a day, week, or month. For example, if you have hypertension – do you know what the cause is and what is the effect. And what affects this the most?

? And more amazing function and information

✓ Start managing your blood pressure now by using our blood pressure app, especially high blood pressure or low blood pressure patients.

✓ Blood Pressure App has the info and guidelines section to educate and inform the user about blood pressure and how to control the blood pressure.

✓ Track medications your cardiologist recommends and analyze their effectiveness. When you track blood pressure you can add a medication to the measurement and find out its effect.

Using the Blood Pressure App, you can grasp your BP condition fully under different states (lying, sitting, before/after meal, etc.). There is no doubt that your health will be taken care of to yield twice the result with half the effort.

What’s more, when you wish to know more about blood pressure, feel free to contact us and we are here by your side and ready to help.


⚠️ Blood Pressure Monitor is created to analyze your blood pressure values and does not measure your blood pressure and pulse. All result values are random generated.

⚠️ Blood Pressure Information only saves and maintain Blood Pressure Records it does not calculate or measure anything

Download now and enjoy Blood Pressure Monitor & Info. Hope you have the health and happiness we can bring you ?! Thank you for using our app

Blood Pressure Monitor & Info Game screenshot :

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