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Name CC – A Multiplayer Survival Game
Category Adventure
Size 2.2MB
Popularity 4528
Publisher SingularityGD
Score 6.0
Publish Date 05/05/2022
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CC – A Multiplayer Survival Game

CC – A Multiplayer Survival Game Game Introduction :

​You woke up. A place you had never seen before. Alone, you thougth. Dense fog, all around you. Suddenly, a scream in the distance. Armed with nothing but your skill, you have no choice. The only way out, is surviving.

Gathering material, crafting weapons, seeking shelter… It cost so much energy. You decide to rest a bit. But beware, others are just around the corner, waiting for the right moment to attack.

The game can be played online, against other users from all around the world. Just want to play with some friends? Sure, connect to the same network or to your friend\’s WiFi-hotspot, and choose the local multiplayer mode! And if you only have one phone, but want to play with more, start the turn-based mode. Don\’t have an Internet connection? Don\’t worry, play offline against artificial intelligence. You can play CC virtually anywhere!

CC has an intelligent world generator, in which we\’ve put a lot of work. Each game takes place on a new map. Every game is unique!

The rules of the game are as follows:
Each player starts with 4 wood logs, 3 lives and some energy. By walking and performing actions, the amount of energy you have, will decrease. If your energy level is below 50, you\’ll periodically gain some energy. Another way of gaining energy, is by eating fruits. If you don\’t have enough energy to perform a specific action, you won\’t be able to.
The map, on which the game takes place, consists of tiles, each type having different properties. The players are able to perform actions on the tile in front of them, by clicking on the buttons on the left side of the screen. For example, if there\’s a tree in front of you, tap the button with the wood icon to chop the tree and receive 4 wood logs.
The resources players gathered will be added to the player\’s inventory, where there\’s place for 5 different types of items. Items of the same type are stacked. If your inventory is full and want to add a new type of item, an item from your inventory will be dropped, and the new item will be added to your inventory. Dropped items always can be picked back up.
These items can be used to craft weapons and tools. For example, if you\’re standing in front of a tile with water and happen to have enough wood logs, you can build a boat.
Players can use weapons to attack the other players. Select a weapon in your inventory to carry it in your hand. Then, when there\’s a player in front of you, you can use the weapon your holding by tapping the lowest button on the left of the screen. The other player will lose some lives, depending on the type of weapon used for the attack.
Once a player has zero lives, the game ends for him/her. The other players continue until there\’s just one player alive. This player is the winner of the game!
For more info about the rules of the game, please follow the interactive tutorial in the game, by clicking the \”tutorial\” button.

CC – A Multiplayer Survival Game Game screenshot :

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