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Duas Game Introduction :

Duas is an application that is like a book that contains various supplications, such as the supplications of the fasting person, and the Duas application meets all the needs of the person on many occasions.
For example, when the holy month of Ramadan comes to us, the user will find all the supplications of the fasting person, as is available within the application a supplication every day in Ramadan, day by day. The supplication is his worship, and supplication is considered one of the best types of worship, so it is desirable for a Muslim to recite the supplication and learn how to make the correct supplication.
And with the application of supplications, you will be familiar with every supplication you need, for example, the application is available on the supplications of rain and supplications before entering the test. You will also find various supplications, and if God forbid, I passed them and overwhelmed, open the application and read supplications in response to relieving worries, and supplications are also available for healing, God willing.
And when, God forbid, a person dear to you dies, it is your duty to pray for him. Here, you will find the right way in supplications for the deceased, and do not forget Friday, that beautiful day, where you can open the application and read, supplications for Friday and among the important things that your believing brother enjoyed.

When he gets sick, pray for him and here you will find a wonderful collection entitled, supplications for the patient. My dear brother, make the application your friend and open it every day and get the good from your prayers for yourself and the prayers of all your brothers

Duas application contains a large collection of supplications mentioned by the righteous predecessors and our Noble Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, a summary for you, the most important of which are as mentioned in the application, which are:

Application content:

Ramadan prayers
30 daily supplications for the holy month of Ramadan
Pray before bed
Who is the morning supplication?
Evening prayers
Reveal the damage
supplications sustenance
Pray for success in an exam
Answered prayers
Pray for wishes
short supplications
pray it for myself
Safa and Marwa prayer
Doaa seeking
A prayer for marriage and the opening of the share
Supplication Lailatul Qadr
The prayer of our master Al-Khidr
Pray for the deceased
Pray to relieve anguish
Pray before the exam
Pray for healing
daily supplications
Pray on Friday
Pray for him on the day he knew him
Prophetic supplications
Pray midnight
Pray in times of trouble.

All of these supplications will be available in one application, which is the Duas Muhammad application, the application is now available from the Play Store and enjoy everything that is new and wonderful.

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Duas (24.2MB)

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