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Name Garena Free Fire Rampage(Aim Assist)
Category Action
Size 609.9MB
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Score 7.1
Publish Date 16/02/2022
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Garena Free Fire Rampage(Aim Assist) 1.Shooting Range Increased
2.Aim Assist
3.No Recoil

Garena Free Fire Rampage(Aim Assist) Game Introduction :


A fascinating survival shooter on mobile platforms, and especially this is the survival game that many gamers in the world love. Like other games of the same genre, Free Fire APK gives players the experience in the game screen with a comprehensive map design, eye-catching interface, and especially high-level graphics.

A Review on Free Fire

Attractive Gameplay

Bing players the dramatic shooting screen. The player will try to seek weapons as well as essential equipment scattered visa the island. The purpose is to fight and become the last survivor.

If chosen to play Free Fire Apk, you are in an extremely breathtaking survival fight. From the transport plane, you will parachute to get the designated island, and then the fight for life and death began. There was only one rule: fighting for survival or dying. You need to quickly accomplish your missions to survive and eliminate opponents from the war.

The interesting point in Free Fire Apk is that players do not take too much time. In the space of 40 seconds, you must complete the preparations for the battle of survival. The critical thing to remember is that every match takes only 10 minutes at a swift pace. Therefore, you must act as urgently as possible.

When playing Free Fire APK on weakly configured machines, it will continuously encounter the situation of being thrown out of the match. Therefore, the latest update has improved performance, optimizing the display of graphics so that players only see enemies in battle appear with the default outfit.

Outstanding Features

Have a Buff System & Others

Free Fire Apk has added a buff system to the power pack to help players improve weapons, helmets as well as toys for their cars.

Besides, the game will give you a diverse system of different features. Among them are the features of updating new characters, equipping the latest weapons, latest vehicles, as well as the latest costumes for gamers to experience.

Extensive Map and Complex Topography

Free Fire Apk has a map for gamers to follow their way. The map in the game is not too large, and the time span for the safe area is concise.

In the game, you are free to choose a landing location and collect the necessary items to help you fight with other opponents. The ultimate target is to stay within the safety circle as long as possible.

The terrain in Free Fire Apk is also quite complex, with lots of hills, forests, and alleys. The game is equipped with a large map, and of course, a lot of dangers and threats are lurking players everywhere. In this game, you must fight to the end to be able to survive.

Players will feel overwhelmed with the scenery in the game. And this adds to the appeal of this interesting game. Your mission is to quickly collect the weapons and equipment necessary to best prepare for the battle. In addition, you need to control vehicles like cars, motorcycles, or helicopters across many different terrains.

Include Multiple Characters

You can choose 1 of 4 characters in Free Fire Apk: Kelly, Olivia, Ford, and Andrew, then use gold to upgrade characters and unlock skills. One thing quite similar to other games like Rules of Survival, and Hopeless Land is that players will face a survival circle. Within a specific time period, the size of the circle will shrink, and of course, those outside the circle will die.

Diverse Game Modes

Free Fire Apk brings players three main game modes: Solo, Duo, and Squad. The game allows you to customize the appearance of characters such as clothes, shoes to increase strength.

In Free Fire Apk, you will not take too long to find and destroying opponents. The reason is that, in a period of 10 minutes, your task is to defeat 49 other players to survive until the end of this game. Players can freely choose the location to parachute, land, collect weapon items, against other players.

Moreover, players will have a lot of tactics to be able to win this game. You can drive to explore every corner of the map, or become invisible by hiding in the grass. You can ambush for prey and sniper from afar.

Massive Weapon System

In this game, you can use so many different types of weapon. There are 7 weapons for you to choose including AWM, USP, Dagger, UMP, Shotgun,M4A1, and AK-47. Besides, you can consider using 14 different types of components to fight in Free Fire.

The difference as well as the uniqueness of this game lie in the fast gameplay, easy controls, smooth graphics, and optimal for all platform. They make the game become the best survival games for mobile at the moment.

With the considerable arsenal, Free Fire Apk features weapon customization with a variety of colors, improved upgrades and damage capabilities. Especially many improvements for smoother skydiving movements, taller bushes make it possible to hide privately. All of these things add to the appeal of this survival shooter.

A particularly attractive feature that many players hunt for Free Fire Apk is that the game brings many innovations in the genre of survival shooting. Players experience the skills of movement, rotation extremely easy, and have an excellent support system for aiming. Besides, graphic elements with shadows and lighting images make the game more and more realistic.

Moreover, ranking in the Free Fire Apk is also a feature that is particularly liked by players. This feature allows you to climb ranks from Bronze to Legendary. From here, players will need to be more careful if they do not want to become an outsider when the end of the season rewards are awarded. Each season of the Free Fire Apk lasts a month, and the top-ranking players receive unique gifts.

Let\’s Experience!

Free Fire Apk is a survival shooter game for mobile that is creating fever in the gaming community thanks to its attractive gameplay and realistic graphics. Join this amazing game to be able to experience the emotional levels of a real survival game, from joy, excitement to thrill, drama to suffocation. You can try using: Lulubox for unlock skin Free fire.

Let’s have a Free Fire Apk download now and quickly equip weapons and fight with other gamers to be the winner of the game battle!

We hope you would have such a great experience with this game! Thank you!

Garena Free Fire Rampage(Aim Assist) Game screenshot :

Garena Free Fire Rampage(Aim Assist)

Garena Free Fire Rampage(Aim Assist)

Garena Free Fire Rampage(Aim Assist)

Garena Free Fire Rampage(Aim Assist)

Garena Free Fire Rampage(Aim Assist)

Garena Free Fire Rampage(Aim Assist) (609.9MB)

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