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Kompanion: Fasting Tracker App

Kompanion: Fasting Tracker App Game Introduction :

Intermittent fasting is a popular nutrition system that mainly focuses on when you eat rather than what you eat. Intermittent fasting (IF) can help you achieve long-term fat burn through a sustainable lifestyle that’s personalized for you.

Now you have a Fasting Kompanion to walk alongside you and keep you motivated to reach your weight goals with intermittent fasting. Having a fasting companion means you will have support to get customized guidance, expert advice, and true motivation that will help you succeed. Your Kompanion will provide you with personalized insights on how to get the most out of IF.

Based on scientific research and backed by our nutrition experts, we are here to help you achieve your best self.


TIMER – Start and end your fast by using the timer button. Keep track of your fasting history.

CUSTOMIZED FASTING PLANS – We offer you the most suitable IF plan for your physiology, but you can also customize and create a plan of your own according to your needs and lifestyle.

BODY STAGES – Learn what’s happening inside your body while you fast with Plus features.

JOURNAL – Reflect on how you feel during your fasts. We\’ll graph your moods so you can track trends over time.

LEARNING CENTER – Explore the science behind fasting and its benefits. Get easy-to-use tips.

MOTIVATION – Maintain your motivation and hit your goals! Explore the changes in your body during fasting, hour by hour.

PREMIUM CONTENT – Improve your knowledge with our exclusive library of articles and Q&As from our nutrition experts.


By following the best suitable Intermittent Fasting plan for you, you’ll experience:
• Fat burn
• Weight loss
• Higher metabolic rate
• Improved digestion
• Cardiovascular health
• Clearer mind
• Anti-aging benefits


We offer you the best Intermittent Fasting plan according to your eating patterns, physiology, and needs. But you can always create a customized plan to suit your lifestyle even better.

12:12 plan is also called the body clock or circadian rhythm diet. This may be a good option for beginners.

16:8 is the most popular intermittent fasting plan of them all and is followed by many Hollywood celebrities for a healthier glow.

18:6 is a great alternative for those who are looking for a more intense fasting plan than 16:8.

Other plans, including 20:4, 24h and 36h, are for an advanced fasting experience and ensure greater fat burn, metabolism boost, and anti-aging effects.

Connect with Apple Health so you can keep track of your health data in the Fasting Kompanion.

Download Fasting Kompanion to get started for free and get full access to all the features, premium content, and your personalized fasting plan with Kompanion Plus.

Kompanion: Fasting Tracker App Game screenshot :

Kompanion: Fasting Tracker App

Kompanion: Fasting Tracker App

Kompanion: Fasting Tracker App

Kompanion: Fasting Tracker App

Kompanion: Fasting Tracker App

Kompanion: Fasting Tracker App

Kompanion: Fasting Tracker App (44.7MB)

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