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Name LimpHeroes(Mod)
Category Adventure
Size 56.6MB
Popularity 5391
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 04/11/2021
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Mod Info:

LimpHeroes(Mod) A lot of gold coins, all heroes can play.
Note: there will be advertisements in the first two bureaus, which can be closed directly, and there will be no advertisements later.

LimpHeroes(Mod) Game Introduction :

***LimpHeroes has reached 200000 downloads! Thank you***

New superheroes are born!

Bring down the vicious bad people!

Weak hero is a new physical action game.

Experience the super funny hero action game!

◆ game methods

One on one duel between hero and villain!

You can pass the level by winning 5 times against the same villain! Unlock the next villain and challenge to higher difficulty! Win the extremely difficult battle and defeat the strongest villain waiting for you at the end! You can get the final victory if you pass all three difficulties!

The only weakness of heroes with invincible body is their head! Only the head can\’t be hit hard!

The operation is very simple! Jump and attack! See through physical actions and use the power of heroes!

◆ features

-Heroes and villains with personalized attack tactics

-There are more than 150 levels in all levels!

-Many levels that make people laugh!

-\”Free trial\” is included to play paid roles for free

-The most suitable physical simulator for limp

-Share super funny game animation with friends! Laugh together!

-Share screenshots of battle results with friends! Let\’s show off!

Weak hero is a free game, but some hero characters need to pay for gold coins.

LimpHeroes(Mod) Game screenshot :






LimpHeroes(Mod) (56.6MB)

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