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Name pfodDesigner V3 for pfodApp
Category Communication
Size 2.7MB
Popularity 3106
Publisher Forward Computing and Control Pty.Ltd
Score 6.0
Publish Date 08/05/2022
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Mod Info:

pfodDesigner V3 for pfodApp

pfodDesigner V3 for pfodApp Game Introduction :

pfodDesigner V3 for pfodApp (
pfod™ (Protocol For Operations Discovery)

Rev 3911 fixes the Android 11 and higher file save permission issue and allows you to save the generated code to the directory of your choice, including Google Drive

Checkout a user\’s YouTube series on using pfodDesigner and pfodApp

Latest release lets you create charts and log Arduino data on your mobile.

Create custom menus on your mobile to turn Arduino outputs on and off, quickly and easily via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth V2, Wifi/Ethernet or SMS
No Arduino Programming required and no mobile programming required.

Generates Sketches for Adafruit Bluefruit Feather52, Ardunio 101 (Genuino 101), RedBear BLE NanoV2 and V1.5, RFduino BLE, Itead BLE Shield (HM_10 modules), Adafruit Bluefruit BLE Friends, ESP8266, FioV3, LinkIt ONE, WildfireV3, SIM900 GPRS, Arduino Ethernet, and WiFi and Bluetooth V2 shields, etc

This free application lets you interactively design and view pfodApp menus and generates all the required Arduino code to turn Arduino outputs on and off from your mobile, via pfodApp.

See the step by step tutorial on building a menu and generating the Arduino code at

pfod menus consist of a scrollable list of buttons and some (possible blank) prompt text. pfodDesigner lets you create a menu, customise the prompt, add buttons, set the background colour, set the font colour, font size and font style. All with interactive preview. In app help is also available

When you are happy with how your menu looks the pfodDesigner will generate Arduino code that will display this menu on your mobile using pfodApp. You can specify the serial connection and baud rate to suit your hardware. No Android programming required. No mobile programming required.

pfodDesigner saves the code to a file on your mobile — /pfodAppRawData/pfodDesignerV3.txt

The generated code also handles the commands returned when the user clicks the buttons

Copy this file to your computer and paste the code into the Arduino IDE.
covers copying pfodApp Raw Data files to your computer.)

If you choose On/Off toggle buttons then the pfodDesigner generates ALL the Arduino code need to turn your chosen output on and off.

If you choose simple buttons for you menu then the pfodDesigner generates the Arduino code need to send the menu and parser the commands.

All you need to do then is replace the place holder comments with your own Arduino action code for each button command

} else if(\’A\’==cmd) { // user pressed — ON
// << add your action code here for this button

The pfodDesigner stores your designs so you can easily go back modify them as needed.
Email support if you need assistance.

Note about pfodDesignerV3 app code:
All pfodDesignerV3 screens are just standard pfod screens. The pfodDesignerV3 is actually just a copy of pfodApp with a back end added to save your data and serve up the various screens using standard pfod messages. Open the mobile\’s menu in the app and choose Debug View to see the pfod messages that are generating the pfodDesigner screens.

pfodDesigner V3 for pfodApp Game screenshot :

pfodDesigner V3 for pfodApp

pfodDesigner V3 for pfodApp

pfodDesigner V3 for pfodApp

pfodDesigner V3 for pfodApp

pfodDesigner V3 for pfodApp

pfodDesigner V3 for pfodApp

pfodDesigner V3 for pfodApp

pfodDesigner V3 for pfodApp

pfodDesigner V3 for pfodApp

pfodDesigner V3 for pfodApp (2.7MB)

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