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Name Shi wen\’s trip(Mod)
Category Role Playing
Size 51.2MB
Popularity 5910
Publisher bandou
Score 6.0
Publish Date 02/12/2021
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Mod Info:

Shi wen\’s trip(Mod) A lot of money, do not look at advertising to get rewards.

Shi wen\’s trip(Mod) Game Introduction :

Shi Wen\’s travel game is a very fun leisure simulation game. The painting style of the game is quite healing, and the easy and interesting operation can bring players a very good game experience. In the long river of history, you can feel the most unique adventure and full of interest. So interested friends, you might as well come and play together!

Travel Introduction of Shi Wen

Shi Wen\’s travel is an American style adventure hand travel, healing painting style and retro color style. It goes through the ancient times and incarnates Shi Wen. With exquisite handicrafts as the theme, follow them to explore more maps and appreciate the beauty of handicrafts. Interested players hurry to download Shi Wen\’s official travel version and try it.

Time temperature travel background

\”If you were given a chance to cross, which dynasty would you like to wear most?\”

\”If you were given a chance to know, which crafts would you like to know most?\”

China has a long history of thousands of years, with superb and diverse crafts and techniques. Handicrafts are even more exquisite and have a wide range of categories. Shiwen will bring you closer to Chinese traditional crafts, understand traditional crafts, feel Chinese charm and appreciate the magic of antiques.

Travel details of Shi Wen

When the boy is warm, his name comes from Li Bai\’s \”beginning of winter\”, which can give people a warm and warm feeling, just like the flame in winter. Shi Wen travels in the long river of Chinese history, collects ancient Chinese exquisite handicrafts with his many pets, and leads us to appreciate the beauty of Chinese handicrafts

Shi wen\’s trip(Mod) Game screenshot :

Shi wen\'s trip(Mod)

Shi wen\'s trip(Mod)

Shi wen\'s trip(Mod)

Shi wen\'s trip(Mod)

Shi wen\'s trip(Mod)

Shi wen\’s trip(Mod) (51.2MB)

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