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Name Solitaire Arcana-card games(Unlimited Money)
Category Card
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Publisher HeroCraft Ltd.
Score 6.0
Publish Date 23/02/2022
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Solitaire Arcana-card games(Unlimited Money) Unlimited Money

Solitaire Arcana-card games(Unlimited Money) Game Introduction :

Welcome to Solitaire Arcana, a new and free solitaire card game inspired by Tarot cards.

Complete the solitaire levels to reveal the mysteries of Tarot symbols. Find out how Tarot cards can influence one\’s destiny and even our world as a whole!

Follow the story of Beatrix, an experienced medium, and her friends, solve puzzles in various free solitaire card games and harvest rewards.

With each completed level of these classic solitaire games free, you\’ll receive a new part of the arcanum card until you unlock all of it and learn everything about its meaning and the character depicted on it.
You are going to learn a lot about Tarot cards and Tarot worlds from the characters from these cards, and even befriend them!
For example, your first companion, Claus, will explain all the details of The Fool Tarot card and its world.

Dive into the world of each arcanum and feel its magic, altogether with a classic tri-peaks solitaire card games experience.

You\’re going to help Beatrix restore the bond with the world of arcana and even influence the fate of our world.

In Solitaire Arcana, a patience playing cards game, you can do many fun things by your preference:

♦️ Relax with a leisurely game of classic solitaire card games
♣️ Study the secrets of Tarot cards – there is so much to learn!
♥️ Solve puzzles by playing hundreds of colorful Solitaire levels, decompose patterns of cards;
♠️ Unlock new Tarot worlds and enjoy their atmosphere
♦️ Get tons of free rewards and bonuses for active playing these classic solitaire games free;
♣️ Take a break and play some mini-games aside from solitaire tripeaks games

Your goal in a single level of Solitaire Arcana is to \”pair\” cards, i.e. to remove the cards from the table in descending or ascending order, using the current card in your hand, as in classic tri-peaks solitaire free. The playing cards themselves are composed in whimsical forms and patterns in a few layers in a way so you start from the upper layer and remove them down the bottom layer.
You can do \”combos\” by pairing several solitaire cards in a row without discarding a current card in hand to earn a Wild Card bonus, which you can use as universal card anytime later in our free solitaire card game

If you are familiar with such patience or card games such as classic tri-peaks solitaire, klondike solitaire, freecell solitaire, pyramid solitaire, or spider solitaire, you\’ll find the gameplay of our solitaire tripeaks card game pretty intuitive and easy.
Play solitaire games free of everyday worries and boredom!
Train your brain and enjoy the mystery of Tarot cards in our offline solitaire tripeaks game!

Beautiful back designs of playing cards and outstanding game graphics will help you immerse yourself in the calm magical atmosphere of classic solitaire games free.

No Internet connection is required, so you can play solitaire offline games anywhere you want!

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Solitaire Arcana-card games(Unlimited Money) Game screenshot :

Solitaire Arcana-card games(Unlimited Money) (105.7MB)

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